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Pueblo is a Home Rule Municipality that is the county seat and the most populous city of Pueblo County, Colorado, United States. The population was estimated to be 104,877 in 2009, making it the 245th most populous city in the United States.

Pueblo is situated at the confluence of the Arkansas River and Fountain Creek 103 miles (166 km) south of the Colorado State Capitol in Denver. The area is considered to be semi-arid desert land, with approximately 12 inches (304.80 mm) of precipitation annually; however with its location in the "banana belt", Pueblo tends to get less snow than the other major cities in Colorado. Pueblo is the heart of the Pueblo Metropolitan Statistical Area and an important part of the Front Range Urban Corridor. Pueblo is one of the largest steel-producing cities in the United States; because of this Pueblo is referred to as the "Steel City". The Historic Arkansas River Project (HARP) is a river walk in the Union Avenue Historic Commercial District, and shows the history of the Pueblo Flood.

Notable natives and residents

Bat Masterson, Sheriff of South Pueblo.
Earl (Dutch) Clark, football player for the Detroit Lions 1934–1938 and charter member of the NFL Hall of Fame, graduated from Pueblo Central High School in 1926.
Frank E. Evans, U.S. Representative from January 3, 1965 – January 3, 1979.
Tony Falkenstein, American football fullback and quarterback, player for the NFL Green Bay Packers, Brooklyn Tigers, and Boston Yanks
Dave Feamster, ice hockey player and businessman
Kelo Henderson, actor
Ryan Gomez, Education Software Pioneer and World Traveller
Tony Mendes, PBR bull rider.
John Meston, script writer and co-creator of the CBS Western television series Gunsmoke
David Packard, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard, graduated from Pueblo Centennial High School in 1930.
E.J. Peaker, Actress best known for her role in Hello Dolly graduated from Centennial High School in 1958.
Dana Perino, White House Press Secretary in 2007–2009, graduated from Colorado State University-Pueblo in 1994.
Kelly Reno, child actor from The Black Stallion.
Dan Rowan, of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, lived for a time in the McClelland Orphanage in Pueblo and graduated from Pueblo Central High School in 1940.
Damon Runyon, newspaperman and writer.
Grant Withers, Hollywood leading actor, from the silents to 1950s.
Jim Bishop, creator of Bishop Castle
Kory Sperry, American football tight end, player for the NFL Miami Dolphins and the San Diego Chargers; attended Pueblo County High School.
John Gill, world famous climber, father of modern bouldering; taught at University of Southern Colorado (CSU-Pueblo)
William J. Crawford, Medal of Honor recipient for his service in World War II
Raymond G. Murphy, Medal of Honor recipient for his service in the Korean War
Carl L. Sitter, Medal of Honor recipient for his service in the Korean War
Drew Dennis Dix, Medal of Honor recipient for his service in the Vietnam War
Joseph Arridy, Convicted of murder and rape. Pardoned in 2010 as the first and only gubernatorial posthumous pardon.

Pueblo in popular culture

In the South Park episode "The Losing Edge", Pueblo is one of the towns in which the South Park team competes.
Pueblo as a frontier town is the setting for Louis L'Amour's 1981 western novel Milo Talon.
The opening scene in Bo Edwards' 2008 novel Live to Ride is set in Pueblo. The two protagonists are Pueblo natives.
Pueblo is portrayed as a ghostly, radiated ruin in the Darwin's World novel Burning Lands.
Pueblo is portrayed as the city where MacGruber was supposedly buried in 2000 in the 2010 movie which bears his name.
Food Wars, a series on cable television’s Travel Channel, came to Pueblo to stage a contest between the Sunset Inn's and Gray's Coors Tavern's versions of the slopper. The episode first aired in August 2010.

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