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Thetford Mines in Quebec.


Thetford Mines is a town in south-central Quebec, Canada. It is the seat of Les Appalaches Regional County Municipality.

Thetford Mines was founded in 1876 after the discovery of large asbestos deposits in the area, and the city became a hub for one of the world's largest asbestos-producing regions. In 2001 the city expanded to its current boundaries, merging with Black Lake, Robertsonville, Pontbriand and Thetford-Sud.



Given the abundance of snow for several months in winter, it is a popular area for snowmobiling and four-wheel drive vehicles as well as for downhill and cross-country skiing.

Hockey is also a pastime of many and Thetford Mines was chosen as a top-five finalist for Kraft Hockeyville for 2009 on the February 21, 2009 Hockey Night In Canada "Hockey Day In Canada" special.

There also is a small mountain in the region, Mount Adstock, where the residents often go skiing.


Spring is maple syrup producing time in the area. The numerous stands of maple trees in the region makes it one of the top maple syrup producing regions in the world. In March and early April, local citizens often make a ritual outing to one of the area's sugar camps (or cabanes à sucre) for sugaring off parties where maple syrup, reduced and thickened by slow boiling, is poured over fresh snow to create a delightful taffy.


Summer brings a host of other outdoor activities. An abundance of lakes and rivers provide plenty of opportunities for outdoor gatherings and cool refreshment. A series of summer festivals add to the enjoyment of the season, with sporting events, concerts and fireworks.


The same maples that produce syrup in spring, provide brilliantly displays of colour in autumn.

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