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Wainfleet in Ontario.


Wainfleet is a rural township in southern Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada.

There is a small and growing tourist industry, near and on Lake Erie at the southern area of Wainfleet called Long Beach. Wainfleet is also the home of the Marshville Heritage Village, a living history museum, recreating life in Ontario circa 1850-1910.

The township includes the communities of Attercliffe, Beckett's Bridge, Belleview Beach, Burnaby, Camelot Beach, Chambers Corners, Long Beach, Morgan's Point, O'Reilly's Bridge, Ostryhon Corners, Perry, Wainfleet (known until the 1920s as Marshville), Wellandport (which straddles the border with the neighbouring Township of West Lincoln), Willow Bay and Winger.

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