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Temagami, formerly spelt as Timagami, is a region and a municipality in northeastern Ontario, Canada, in the District of Nipissing with Lake Temagami at its heart.

The Temagami region is known as n'Daki Menan, the homeland of the area's Aboriginal community, most of whom are Anishnaabe (Ojibwe), living on Bear Island. The official name for this group is the Temagami First Nation. However, a larger group that includes these people, plus non-status residents and some non-residents is called the Teme-Augama Anishnabai.

Some of the main tourist attractions within the community include old-growth red and white pine, Lake Temagami, Caribou Mountain, fishing, showings of Grey Owl from the 1930s, and over 4,000 km of canoe routes.

It is also known as the staging point for cottage vacationing and wilderness canoeing trips on Lake Temagami, in Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park, and vast tracts of wilderness in the area.

Lakes located within the region of Temagami include:

Angus Lake
Anima Nipissing Lake
Arsenic Lake
Blueberry Lake
Brophy Lake
Cassels Lake
Chambers Lake
Cross Lake
Duncan Lake
Gull Lake
Herridge Lake
Ingall Lake
James Lake
Jumping Caribou Lake
Lady Evelyn Lake
Lake Temagami
Link Lake
Lowell Lake
Lower Redwater Lake
Lower Twin Lake
Martin Lake
Net Lake
Obabika Lake
Obashkong Lake
Poison Pond
Rabbit Lake
Rib Lake
Red Squirrel Lake
Smoothwater Lake
Snake Island Lake
Snowshoe Lake
Sunnywater Lake
Tent Lake
Tetapaga Lake
Turtle Lake
Upper Redwater Lake
Upper Twin Lake
Wasaksina Lake
Wilson Lake
Red Cedar Lake

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