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Leamington in Ontario.


Leamington is a municipality in Essex County, southern Ontario, Canada, and has a population of 31,113. It includes Point Pelee, the southernmost point of mainland Canada. It has a large H. J. Heinz Company factory and is known as the "Tomato Capital of Canada", with 4 kmĀ² of this crop in the vicinity. It also lays claim to being the "Sun Parlour" of Canada due to its southern location.


Leamington has been known for its tourism and attractions and is known as the tomato capital of Canada. Leamington's attractions include bicycle paths and nearby Point Pelee National Park. Leamington also has a large and modern marina. The town's water tower, visible for miles in the flat southern Ontario landscape, is also in the shape and colour of a giant tomato. Celebrating its position as an agricultural powerhouse and its heritage as the H. J. Heinz Company's center for processing "red goods," the city hosts a "Tomato Festival" each August, as a kickoff of the tomato-harvesting season. Car shows, beauty pageants, parades, and a fair are featured at the festival.

Leamington's position on the north shore of Lake Erie makes it an important recreational centre. The tourist information booth in the centre of town is a large fiberglass tomato.


Leamington has several parks including Seacliff Park, The Marina Park, Mersea Park and Garrison Gardens.

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