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The Regional Municipality of Haldimand-Norfolk was a regional municipality in the Canadian province of Ontario which existed from 1974 to 2000.

It was formed by merging the historic counties of Haldimand and Norfolk. The merger came following the report of Milt Farrow, a "special advisor" appointed by the Government of Ontario.

On January 1, 2001, the regional municipality was dissolved and two single-tier municipalities, the Town of Haldimand and the Town of Norfolk, were formed. The municipalities later changed their names to Haldimand County and Norfolk County. Since they no longer have townships or other municipal subdivisions below them, both municipalities are not true "county" governments and are legally classified as cities.

Prior to the 2001 restructuring, the Regional Municipality of Haldimand Norfolk consisted of the upper-tier regional government and the lower-tier city of Haldimand, towns of Dunnville and Simcoe, and the townships of Delhi, Norfolk and Nanticoke.

The last regional chairperson in Haldimand-Norfolk was John Harrison.

Many smaller communities such as Port Dover and Port Rowan are now in the "City of Norfolk County".

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