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Cochrane in Ontario.


Cochrane is a town in northern Ontario, Canada. It is located east of Kapuskasing, northeast of Timmins, south of Moosonee, and north of Iroquois Falls. It is about a one-hour drive from Timmins, the major city of the region. It is the seat of Cochrane District. The town's population is made up of approximately half anglophone and half francophone residents.

The town contains many references to polar bears. Its mascot is a large polar bear statue known as Chimo. There are also live polar bears at the new "Polar Bear Conservation and Educational Habitat and Heritage Village" which opened in the summer of 2004. Polar bears from the Metro Toronto Zoo were relocated to Cochrane while a new pavilion was being constructed. Those two polar bears were returned to the Toronto Zoo in the summer of 2009.

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