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Tracadie-Sheila in New Brunswick.


Tracadie-Sheila is a town in Gloucester County, New Brunswick.

Tracadie and Sheila are separate communities whose municipal governments were merged in 1991. Tracadie is significantly larger than Sheila, and the area is often still referred to simply as "Tracadie".

Tourism and culture

Located on the Acadian Peninsula, the area has a number of sandy beaches. Val-Comeau, the most popular, is protected as a Provincial Park. The beaches can usually be enjoyed from June until September, when the water is a moderate temperature.

Signage is in French, as most inhabitants of the Acadian Peninsula are predominantly French speaking. The community became known as the hometown of Wilfred Le Bouthillier, winner of the 2003 Quebec reality show Star Académie. The success of the young singer, known simply as Wilfred, resulted in a significant rise in tourism to the region.

The town is also home to pop singer Jean-François Breau. Well-known AIDS activist Dr. Réjean Thomas and opera singer Michèle Losier, (both now residing in Montreal), are from the neighbouring village of St-Isidore, part of the greater Tracadie area.

Tracadie-Sheila has several nightclubs on the main street, which are available for youths and adults. Those who are 14-18 years old go to the Célibat; those 19 years old and up enjoy the Bel-Air, which is a nightclub/restaurant, and the Jukebox. The Deauville is also a nightclub/restaurant, which attracts many local singers to perform for guests.

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