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Grand Bay-Westfield in New Brunswick.


Grand Bay-Westfield is a Canadian suburban town in the western part of Kings County, New Brunswick.

The town is an amalgamation of the original town of Grand Bay and the neighbouring village of Westfield immediately to the north.

Grand Bay-Westfield is situated on the west bank of the Saint John River immediately north of the boundary between Kings County and Saint John County. The town is a suburb of the city of Saint John and its population is split with 3,405 residents in the Grand Bay neighbourhood and 1,544 located in Westfield.

Grand Bay-Westfield has many parks, from simple greenspace to ballfields and playgrounds. They are listed below, in geographical order from south to north.

Henderson Brook Nature Park: A tiny, new park, Henderson Brook is a great place to watch beavers and birds. It is located on Shannon Road.
Southwood Park: playground at corner of Bayview Road and Cavalier Lane.
Inglewood School: playground and baseball diamond.
Grand Bay Primary School: playground and fieldspace.
Grand Bay Tennis Courts: 3 regulation-sized tennis courts, located at the corner of Inglewood Drive and Pamdenec Road.
Pamdenec Place: simple park setting accessible from Pamdenec Road and Frederick Street.
Lions Field: On Inglewood Drive near Broad Street, two ballfields and a playground.
Epworth Park Field: green space at corner of Central Avenue and Smith Lane.
River Valley Middle School: Baseball field, soccer field, football field and, as of summer 2008, a running and walking track
Brookside Park: A small sitting area near the corner of Brookdale Avenue and Woolastook Drive.
Unity Park: Could be considered the town's commons, this park was created to symbolize the joining of the two communities. It is located next to Milligan Brook where the former boundary was (corner of Nerepis Road and Mullen Lane). The small stage is used in the summer for events every Wednesday, including children's nights, folk music, local talent, etc.
Westfield School: A large playground.
Brundage Point Trailhead/Westfield River Landing: Located at Ferry Road and Brundage Point Road.

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