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Puerto Princessa City 
Island , Philippines--The beach at Puerto Princessa City Island

P8I-039   Puerto Princessa City
  7.7 HA.
  $1, 100, 000.00

This island located in Northern Palawan is 7.7 hectares or 19 acres in size, currently zoned as a Tax Declared property. With its 1000 meters of pure white sand, fringing reef and abundant wildlife - fish, birds etc. this island is a nature lover's Paradise. Sea Cows (Dugongs) and turtles are found in the surrounding waters and turtles nest on the islands beaches. The island has a thick forest of diptercarps and fruit trees and although it lacks palm trees, they would easily grow. Mature palms can easily be relocated to the island at quite minimal expense from the mainland.

The island itself is almost picture perfect and Caribbean in style. The sand on this island is first grade, a soft and white as the beaches of Boracay. The beach encircles the island 360 degree is and is at its best on the eastern side of the island where the sand slopes off with nice sandy bottom. At the western end of the island is a beautiful house reef. The island is in a virgin state and is home to rare dipterocarp forest.

The island has no water currently, but maybe possible to sink a well. However, with rainwater catchment and barged water from the mainland a resort is highly feasible to be developed upon the island. That is the process that is currently used on the two adjacent island resorts.

The surrounding views of the island are idyllic, with a 360 degree beach means that you have nice sunrise & sunset (very rare) with the islands of the bay in front and the South China Sea in the distance the sunsets here are quite spectacular.

With its 1000 meters of pure white sand, fringing reef and abundant wildlife - fish, birds etc. this island is a nature lover's Paradise. Sea Cows (Dugongs) and turtles are found in the surrounding waters and turtles nest on the islands beaches. The island has a thick forest of diptercarps and fruit trees and although it lacks palm trees, they would easily grow. Mature palms can easily be relocated to the island at quite minimal expense from the mainland.

The island is right in the center of an area projected by both the Philippines Government and the Province of Palawan as a tourism development area. The 1995 JICA development report and the 1998 Palawan Tourism Development Structure report have both selected the islands of this Bay as one of the prime tourism development areas for northern Palawan. Currently, the only other islands which are attractive or suitable for development have already been purchased. The two neighboring islands are both operating resorts. These two islands are widely regarded as the most attractive in Busuanga. The only other island available for sale is the former resort island of (also for sale as part of this package

Island , Philippines---The beach at Taytay/Roxas Island

P5I- Taytay/Roxas
  3.1 HA.
$200, 000.00

Although it doesn?t have a sandy beach, it has two pebble beaches on the East and the Western sides, which gives a view of the sunrise and the sunsets, and fantastic sandy beaches on uninhabited islands can all be reached in 5 minutes by boat. But its most striking feature is the 360 degree view that can be had from the top of the island. Although the climb was tiring, once at the top I was surrounded by views of all the surrounding tropical islands and as the sun moved the colors of the waters changed from vivid deep sea blue, to turquoise, aquamarine to the palest blue of the shallows. This is truly THE place to build a small holiday villa.

Wooden house on Puerto Princessa City 
Island--The sea at Puerto Princessa City Island

P5I-045   Puerto Princessa City
  25 HA.
$650, 000.00

This island is located in Northern Palawan, and is 61.75 acres or 25 hectares in size. The island is zoned as a tax declaration, and can be used for commercial purposes. The island has a good water table with a year-round well, and a steel water tower built by the former resort. There is no electricity or utilities on the island, and no cell phone signal, although this may be available with an extension antenna. The island has a good anchorage, with nice sandy bottom for holding, and is relatively protected from the prevailing winds.

The island itself is approximately 70 to 80 metres tall, with a large flat area facing southwest which is approximately 8 hectares in size. This area is the location of the former resort, and is flat and planted with coconut palms. The rest of the island is hilly and covered in virgin rainforest. The beach with fine soft white sand is semicircular and convex in shape, being approximately 400 m in length. The beach and the flat area behind it have magnificent views of the surrounding islands, and the sunsets behind the mountains in the West.

The island measures approximately 700 m north to south and 500 m east to west. The coastline of Coral Island is largely composed of a steep rocky shore except for sandy beaches on the sheltered southern and southwestern side of the island. A smaller rocky island, Manta island lies approximately 200 m from the southwest corner of Coral Island. Both islands are surrounded by fringing reef.

The island has large hills with approximately ¼ of the island (app. 8-10 hectares) being flat land at the SW portion. This land is that which is behind the beach and extends back about 400-500 metres back from the beach to the edge of the hills. This land is ideal for resort development, being completely flat, and covered in mature palm groves. All that would be required for development is landscaping and construction. The island has good year-round water with a deep well and a steel header tank. This dramatically increases the viability of development of the island.

The island was formerly home to the Coral Island Dive Resort, which was operational until approximately 1998. There are still some building standing, and the toilet and bathing facilities which were concrete and the well which is concrete with a metal tower and header tank is in fair condition. A number of the other buildings are in poor condition and will need to be either rebuilt, or renovated. To what extent needs greater inspection. I would regard this as THE prime island located in the bay for Resort Development, with approximately 8-10 hectares of very flat and arable land surrounded by beach. This island is one of the best that we have within our catalogue for the location of luxury island resort.

The jungle at Puerto Princessa City 
Island---Beach at Puerto Princessa City Island

P7I-078   Puerto Princessa City
  17.5 HA.
$350, 000.00

This island located in southern Palawan is 43 acres of 17.5 hectares in size, and is tax declared and zoned as agricultural land; although this is no hindrance to development. The island has groundwater, but no utilities. Electricity, sewage etc must be built by the purchaser. The island is very accessible being just 10 minutes by boat from the main north-south highway of Palawan, and approximately 2.5 hours drive south of the capital city. However, once the highway is repaved in concrete in the next 12 to 18 months the trip should only take one hour.

The island itself is a Caribbean style island, meaning that it is flat all the way across. The entire island is covered in palm trees with long beach app. 450 metres, comprising 1/3 of the island facing North and North East toward the mainland. The other 2/3 is mangroves, although with sandy bottom. The island has lovely views, with a wide panorama of the other island and the mountains of Palawan across the bay. It has spectacular sunsets from the W corner of the island. The sun sets behind the mountains opposite. The surrounding islands and reefs are ideal for island hopping, snorkeling or diving. The mainland offers a variety of sights including waterfalls, jungle treks and access to tribal people

Temple Island is located in a group of ten islands which are ideal for snorkeling, island hopping, diving and other water sports. Surrounding the islands are various sites for diving, snorkeling and other water sports. Spectacular view of sunrise can be experienced during dawn. The islands in this area are characterized by wide white sandy beaches, and the area is very reminiscent of the islands of southern Belize in Central America, or the Florida Keys.

Temple Island received its name because it has antique foundations made of coral concrete, which are reputed by locals to be the base of an ancient temple. Although its difficult to establish that the ruins were actually a temple, there is no doubt that they are ancient as they are built of coral concrete, a building material used in the 15th and 16th century. The ruins were recently excavated in an attempt to find the treasure, reputed to be buried on the island. Although nothing was found, there's the possibility that treasure still lies buried on the island.

Temple Island offers a truly unique opportunity to purchase a Caribbean-style island for a 1/3rd of the price of a similar property anywhere else in the world. Temple Island offers a variety of features, which make it ideal as the location for a Private Island Retreat, or Commercial resort.

The Island possesses perfect, world-class white sand beaches, and a 180 degree beach facing the panoramic landscape of the mountain range of the Palawan mainland, giving the island a very picturesque setting. Because the island is located on the eastern side of Palawan it gets magnificent sunrises over the Sulu Sea, and the sun sets behind the majestic range of mountains. It has a large grassy area facing the sunset, which is planted with mature coconut palms. All that's needed would be to cut the native Kugon grass and replant with Bermuda grass, and the island would be ready for the construction of a resort.

Utilities: The topography of the island is such that there is a high likelihood that it possess a good Aquifer to supply a year-round potable water. Solar Power requirements are available in Puerto Princesa City. Wind Power Generator requirements are also available in Puerto Princesa City and Manila. The traditional and reliable Diesel Powered Generator is the most readily available option.

Accessability:The island is accessed easily by a 1 ½ hour flight from Manila (an international hub) to the Capital of Palawan, Puerto Princesa City, the Cleanest & Greenest in the Philippines. Puerto Princesa City Airport is Accessible from Manila, Cebu-Iloilo City, Coron and El Nido. Daily flights usually takes 45 minutes to an hour to Puerto Princesa City. Puerto Princesa City Seaport is accessible from Manila-Coron and Iloilo City-Cuyo. Travel time by passenger ferry from Manila is usually 18 hours.

Upon arrival in Puerto Princesa the island is reached by a 2 ½ hour drive along the Palawan National Highway, a sealed bitumen road. The island is 1.5 kilometers from mainland. Upon arrival at the coast, the island is reached by a short 15 minute boat ride. Guests and friends could easily access the island as there are numerous jeepneys, buses, and air-conditioned vans which travel this route daily. The island is also 20 minutes drive from the town of Narra, where all necessities can easily be purchased.

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