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Ref: Greece 001

Greek Island for Sale

This island is very beautiful with rolling hills that are rising up to seventy seven meters elevation above the sea level. There is rich vegetation at the island and is uninhabited.

  The land on this private island consists of:
230, 000 m2 fields and
490, 000 m2 forests and
64, 000 m2 completely available land.

It has:
Two natural ports
Two natural beaches with the possibility of creating

All the necessary forms and papers as well as a building license are available.
One can build about 185, 000 m2 depending on the use of the land.
There is a power supply about 25 m from shore. Water supply available.

Price on application.

Ref:Greece 003

Map of the Greek islands

The island is located in the Ionian Sea, to the west of Greece (and the east of Italy) that was the scene of many battles between Greece and Rome. Colonists from Corinth crossed the Ionian Sea on their way to the island Sicily, where they founded the colony of Syracuse.

The island belongs to a complex of five beautiful islands the Echinades complex.

Directly in front of them is the gulf of Astakos.

There is a town by the same name that is also the port.

The town of Astakos is a small fishing village with 2, 000 inhabitants and the summer months attracts a number of tourists.
There is an airport at the town of Agrinion 60 kilometers inland.
The island is located close to the mainland highway system which makes traveling by car very convenient. Easy ride to Athens or Northern part of Greece or Peloponnesus. The weather at the Ionian Sea is always very mild. Especially the months between May and October is around 74 degrees!
All Ionian islands are very famous for their crystal clear water that has the deepest blue color imaginable and they are are ideal for swimming, sailing, sea sports, surface and deep-water fishing. There is no industry in the area, no pollution just a perfect environment!

Greece is blessed with about 3, 000 islands! Of those, only a handful are privately owned with the most famous being the one owned by The Greek tycoon Ari Onassis' private island "Scorpios" in the Ionia Sea.

Is an ideal opportunity for a solid business investment with unlimited possibilities of what you can do acquiring any of these properties. The potential for development is very big.

Price on application

La Gillanara Island, Near Albenga , Liguria, Italian Riviera

La Gillanara Island, Near Albenga , Liguria, Italian Riviera
Price: upon request
Size: 1, 000 m 2 +/-

  A private island off the coast of the Italian Riviera is for sale by the owners. It is, needless to say, an extremely unique property.

  Views to and from the island are stunning. It would make a luxurious private residence or a fabulous corporate retreat. The structures on the island (a former monastery and additional buildings) will need a fair amount of restoration, but the large villa and the Roman tower which are on the island seem to have emerged directly from a children's fairytale book.

  The flora and fauna on the island are also very rare and in some cases unique.
  Because the island is overseen by the Italian Society of Historical Buildings, the property may not be used as a hotel or, in fact, for any other profitable means.


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