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Islands for Sale, Canada

Rainbow Island, Canada-----Islands for Sale, Canada

Rainbow Island, Bridge Lake, British Columbia, Canada
Price: CAN $785, 000.- or EURO €510, 000.-
Size: 63 acres (25 ha) with about 5200 feet of prime waterfront

"Rainbow Island" is different! It is not one of the densely forested islands. Large lightly tree covered areas with Aspen, Birches, grassy sections and single or in groups standing Spruces and Pines, make it enjoyable to go for strolls along the trails. Rainbow Island is the only private island on pristine Bridge Lake. It is approximately 63 acres (25 ha) with about 5200 feet of prime waterfront. The Bridge Lake is 7 km long and located in the beautiful Interlakes area, 50 km east of 100 Mile House, BC. This region is well known for its recreational beauty, abundance of wildlife, lots of crystal clear lakes and creeks.

Isle  la Croix , Quebec, Canada-----la Croix river, Quebec, Canada

Isle à la Croix , Quebec, Canada
Price: US $250, 000
Size: 250, 000 square feet

Island for sale in Quebec, Canada on Lake Matapedia. The island has a surface area of 250, 000 square ft. It includes a 2 bedroom chalet with living room, dining room and bathroom. This is a private island with no other properties or buildings on the island. There is an airport nearby and a good road to the lake which makes it easyly accessible. Its a great place for hunters, fisherman or people who just want to relax and enjoy the outdoors. This is the best region of Quebec for hunting moose, black bear, whitetail and waterfowl. You also have access to large public lands. Lake Matapedia has excellent fishing for lake trout and brook trout. The famous Matapedia River, which flows from the lake, is one of the best salmon rivers in the world.

Ballenas Island, Canada-----Ballenas Island

Ballenas Island, Canada
Price: Cdn $1, 600, 000
Size: 100 acres

This is the northernmost of 2 magnificent islands located about 36 miles north of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, just offshore from the town of Parksville. Access can be arranged by charter boat (about 15 minutes) or a direct flight by float plane from Vancouver (20 Minutes). Several good golf courses are close by as is winter skiing at Mt. Washington.

Ballenas Island is one of British Columbia's world famous coastal islands unrivalled for its rugged beauty, privacy and the sea life surrounding it in a body of cruising water beloved by fishermen & yachtsmen alike. This picturesque island is 100 acres in size with a government operated lighthouse (City power) located on a sepatate 7 acre point at the north end.

Heard Island, Rupert District, Canada-----Heard Island

Heard Island, Rupert District, Canada
Price: Cdn $995, 000
Size: 200 acres

Heard Island is a beautiful, wild and private island of approximately 200 acres located six miles northwest of Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. The area is known for its excellent salmon fishing as well as good bottom fishing for cod and snapper. The island terrain is varied with several outstanding building sites close to the ocean. A large protected bay provides good deep water moorage potential. Legal: Lot 1445, Heard Island, Rupert District.

Oyster Island, Blind bay, Canada-----Blind bay, Canada

Oyster Island, Blind bay, Canada
Price: Cdn $795, 000
Size: 11, 8 acres

Oyster Island is a 11.8 acre island situated in Blind Bay (S.E. of Powell River, S.E. of the mouth of Jervis Inlet) S.E. of Alexander Point on Hardy Island, west from the west tip of Fox Island (see first image below).

Pristine environment with 100' high hill, lichen and moss fields, oyster beds, clam beds, tide pools, old growth forest with some 2m diameter trees, low tide shows 1 to 2 acres of intertidal connections to 2nd one acre island. This island is in it's natural state, it has not been logged and there are groves of old growth Douglas Fir and Cedar, moss covered bluffs and light underbrush such as salal. A major feature is the beautiful white granite rock foreshore which warms the water as the tide rises for swimming in 70+ degree water in a natural swimming pool of the oyster bed.

Hanson Island, Canada ----- Whale off Hanson Island, Canada

Hanson Island, Canada
Price: Cdn $400, 000
Size: 109 acres

Located near the southern end of Porcher Island, this 109 acre Island is a secluded spot with meandering waterfront walkways close to recreational fishing, hunting and outdoor adventure. A short run across to Freeman's Pass and the outer fishing ground of Oval Bank, it is ideally situated for Eco-tourism, kayaking, hiking and fishing. Surrounding waters provide excellent salmon, cod, halibut and crab fishing. A short boat trip and hike provides access to Oval Bay, noted for its miles of varied beaches along the edge of the famous Hecate Straits.

70% of the island's adjacent tidal beaches are a unique Eco-system with numerous clam beds. One can walk at low tide across to the Porcher Island mainland to explore small bays and beaches.

The small pass along the Northwest side provides sheltered moorage and could accommodate a boat dock. Access by floatplane is a scenic 20 minute ride from Prince Rupert on the 3 times per day schedule to Kitkatla. By pleasure boat it takes approximately 3 - 4 hours to make the 40 mile trip from Prince Rupert.

Gaviola Island at Flat Top Islands, Canada -----View of Gaviola Island at Flat Top Islands, Canada

Gaviola Island, Flat Top Islands, Canada
Price: Cdn $500, 000
Size: 8 acres

Uncommon beauty and serenity on this exclusive 8 acre private island with nice cabin and guest cottage. The island features a good variety of trees and interesting rock formations, good moorage, swimming, diving and an oyster bed.

Located in the Flat Top Islands, the heart of the greatest fishing and yachting waters. Full services close by at Silva Bay and on Gabriola Island.

Share Price $500, 000 (Canadian)

Porcher Island, Porcher Inlet, Canada-----Whales swimming off Porcher Island, Porcher Inlet, Canada

Porcher Island, Porcher Inlet, Canada
Price: Cdn $264, 000
Size: 620 acres in 4 separate parcels

Come to a timeless place with endless breathtaking views. Located at the head of Porcher Inlet, these four adjoining properties on Porcher Island, provide a wonderful wilderness setting.

Merchantable timber was harvested in 1993-94, however the 4+ KM road beginning at a small rock landing, winds along a supreme salmon stream, abundant in resident cutthroat trout, migrating Pink and Coho salmon and spring-run Steelhead.

The 1.3 KM of shorefront offers a 500 meter tidal beach and a park-like setting near the estuary.

Access by floatplane is a scenic 20 minute ride from Prince Rupert on the 3 times per day schedule to Kitkatla. Pleasure boat travel takes about 3 -4 hours.

LOT 1456    ~    160 ACRES
LOT 1458    ~    160 ACRES
LOT 1462    ~    160 ACRES
LOT 1668    ~    140 ACRES

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